Project Kearl
Operator Imperial Oil Limited
Ownership ExxonMobil Canada Energy 29.04%
Imperial Oil Limited 70.96%
Location 02-09-097-07W4
Technology Surface Mining
Bitumen Capacity (bbls/day) 220,000
Mining production rates (bbls/day) 2015
Jan - Mar
Mining production rates (bbls/day) 2014 79,338
Mining production rates (bbls/day) 2013 33,040

Project location and leases in close vicinity

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Kearl expansion project has started operations with all three froth trains operational. Adding 110,00 bbls per day of capacity.

Operating phases

Phase Start Year Capacity Status
Phase 1 2013 110,000 Operating
Phase 2 2015 110,000 Operating

Future phases

Phase Start Year Capacity Status
Phase 3 TBD 80,000 On Hold
Phase 4 Debottleneck TBD 45,000 On Hold