Base Operations

Project Base Operations
Operator Suncor Energy Inc.
Ownership Suncor Energy Inc. 100%
Location 09-23-091-09W4
Technology Surface Mining
Bitumen Capacity (bbls/day) 501,000
Upgrader Capacity (bbls/day) 357,000
Mining production rates (bbls/day) 2013
January – December
Mining production rates (bbls/day) 2012 266,204
Mining production rates (bbls/day) 2011 288,122
Synthetic Crude Oil Production (bbls/day) 2013
January – December
Synthetic Crude Oil Production (bbls/day) 2012 281,987
Synthetic Crude Oil Production (bbls/day) 2011 288,121

Project location and leases in close vicinity

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Suncor says that during the fourth quarter maintenance was completed at its Upgrader 2 vacuum tower and related units. The company says that hot bitumen infrastructure commissioned in the third quarter of 2013 has increased the takeaway capacity of bitumen and unlocked additional mining production.

Operating phases

Phase Start Year Capacity Status
Millennium Mine 1967 294,000 Operating
U1 and U2 1967 225,000 Operating
Millennium Vacuum Unit 2005 35,000 Operating
Steepbank Debottleneck Phase 3 2007 4,000 Operating
Millennium Debottlenecking 2008 23,000 Operating
Millennium Coker Unit 2008 97,000 Operating
North Steepbank Extension 2012 180,000 Operating