Canada’s oilsands is the third largest deposit of oil on earth, with reserves of approximately 168 billion barrels and potential resources of up to 1.8 trillion barrels. There are three main oilsands deposits, Athabasca, Cold Lake, and Peace River, as well as significant processing and transportation infrastructure in Alberta's Industrial Heartland.

More than $200 billion of new capital investment is expected in the oilsands between 2013-2022, in addition to ongoing spending on maintenance, repair and operations. This is one of Canada's most dynamic and important industries.

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No more mediocre: Suncor EVP Mike MacSween waves the flag for improving productivity and costs as a full value chain

It costs a lot to build a megaproject anywhere, but few regions rival northern Alberta. In the oilsands, project costs continue to rise, and that is putting investment at risk. Productivity Alberta and its partners want to snap this trend ...

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Award-winning innovator: carbon is not the boogeyman; Alberta could lead the world in better energy utilization

Alberta has the opportunity and the responsibility to lead the world in hydrocarbon utilization, and not just in reducing the CO2 intensity of energy production, developing carbon capture and long-term geologic storage projects, or fuel switching from hydrocarbons to renewables. ...

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Atlantic Canada metal manufacturers headed to Alberta to forge business partnerships

Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) will be forging partnerships with Atlantic Canadian business leaders in Calgary and Edmonton from September 9-11. AEG will be hosting 30-40 members of the Atlantic Metal Working Association, an organization representing fabrication, machine shops and related ...

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Momentum builder: Steve Williams is helping guide the oilsands into the solution space of energy development

Steve Williams believes in climate change. For the man in charge of the most operating assets on the ground in the oilsands industry and pockets brimming with options for a long future of bitumen growth, that stance may seem counterintuitive. ...

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Insiders question Carbon Tracker Report on oilsands projects; source says misquoted

Oilsands companies whose proposed projects were singled out in a recent report as being “cancellation candidates” for being unprofitable refute that assertion, while the source of some of the report’s statistics says it was misquoted on steam assisted gravity (SAGD) ...

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